Welcome to our website!

Welcome to the website of ORTO i MEDI centar d.o.o.!

We are Zagreb - based company from Croatia, founded in 2003, specialized in sales of orthopaedic and medical devices and the associated product range. Our specialized store is located in Zagreb, at the address Grižanska ulica 6.

We issue aids upon the receipt of a certificate of entitlement to disability devices issued by the Croatian Health Insurance Fund. We can also help you when you need to consult your physician. Certainly, nothing can replace a medical examination. Only physicians can diagnose the cause of a disease and give you a recommendation, advice and diagnosis.

Our fundamental principle of quality assurance in the last 15 years of successful business has been our broad product range of the best healthcare products, in addition to the consulting services for our customers by our great team of professionals. Our business strategy goes hand in hand with the needs of our clients. The task of orthopaedics, as a specialized branch of medicine, and physicians is to ensure the prevention and rehabilitation of the diseases and injuries of the locomotor system.

Therefore, our great team of medical professionals will always give you the product of the highest quality and useful information, using a personalized approach, as well as advice on the best possible rehabilitation and use of orthopaedic and medical devices. By taking preventive measures to protect the health and functionality of the locomotor system, we prevent pain in the future.

We offer a wide selection of medical and work clothes, anatomic and orthopaedic shoes, anatomic insoles, medical devices such as blood pressure gauges, aspirators, thermometers and many more. We offer various orthopaedic and medical devices such as orthoses and medical corsets as well as mobility aids. Furthermore, we can also help you in the field of patient care, i.e. assist you in finding an appropriate anti-decubitus mattress or bed, a toilet chair or raised toilet seat. Athletes and persons who need therapeutic or rehabilitation exercises can find many products in our store, such as exercise balls, various hand grips and equipment for full-body exercises. You might also like products from our product range for pregnant women, mothers and children. Learn more about our product ranges by clicking the link.